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The beginning of this journey

22 Oct


I felt a lump in my breast while I was in the shower. It was November 2009. Itay and I were in Pisco, Peru volunteering at a non-profit organisation for post-earthquake construction.

After a few days of suspicion, I decided to tell Itay about the lump. We were in a foreign land and there was no English speaking hospital where we were volunteering. I did not think there was something we could do and furthermore we were planned on returning home (him to Israel and me to Singapore) in January. Surely this little lump could wait?

To my surprise, Itay insisted that I got it checked. So we took an hour bus journey to Ica, the nearest town next to Pisco and went to a gynaecologist who only spoke Spanish. I had done translation preparations beforehand, so I was able to ask him questions such as “Is it malignant?” He took an ultrasound and said to us in the best English that he could, that “it is ok”, i.e. the lump was benign.

We were so relieved. What could we have done if he said otherwise? I don’t know. Now that the doubts are cleared, we got ready for the next leg of our Peruvian trip: Macchu Picchu and next stop, NYC.