Hello, my name is Lipeng. If you are here on this site, I suppose you were looking around for something on Breast Cancer, or age 33, or Singapore. Whatever it is, welcome!

On 4th March 2010, I was diagnosed with Stage 1C Breast Cancer. At that time, I had turned 33 just two months ago and was returning home to Singapore after having lived in London for 4 years. The plan then was to come home, spend some time with my family and then join my partner, Itay in Israel to start a new life together. As it turned out, we did have a “new” life, except that it was not quite what we expected – cancer and long-distance relationship, all rolled into one.

The beginning was difficult, being diagnosed with something that I had no idea about. Cancer, at that time, was an abstract picture of despair and smelled of death. Even more difficult was the fact that I came from a traditional Chinese family where conversations about death and illness were taboo subjects. At that time, Itay was in Israel, and we only communicated via Skype. In fact that was how I broke the news to him, because I could not find the courage to say it.

After being diagnosed, I went to breast cancer support groups to try to find a network of friends and support. Unfortunately, I found myself to be a lonesome under-35 while most of the women were already in their 50s. No offense to them but it was difficult to find someone who could relate to my worries of infertility, my body and the impact of my relationship; most of them already have husbands and teenage children. That is why this site exists today, it is an outlet for me to express my joys and worries through this unwelcomed journey, and hopefully a place where newly diagnosed young women can read about my experience. If you’re a cancer patient or survivor, I would love to hear from you, or if you’re living in Singapore, we can even meet up for a good chat!

I could not have come this far into my treatment without the support of my loved ones, and the thousands of women online with their courageous stories of battling cancer and its body scarring treatment. It is my hope that you can find some comfort here, and may it also make you braver, knowing that you are not alone.

xx lipeng


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