Return of the M

2 Jun

It’s fantastic news! My period is finally back after a hiatus of two dark years.

In the last two years, after my first chemotherapy treatment, I have been in a premature menopause. Never in my life did I realise the importance of estrogen to my body. As my cancer is estrogen receptive, it is good news for my cancer cells that I was in menopause. But menopause, oh menopause! I had no idea how difficult it is to go through menopause, the hot flashes, the memory loss, the dry skin… everything they say in the books are true! For a while I was worried that I would be part of the 50% of women whose periods never return and they will be pushed into menopause. Now I am just grateful that I could finally be rid of the menopause goodies!

In terms of fertility, I wasn’t sure about what to expect. My oncologist’s advice is to continue having Tamoxifen for three years (it’s been one and a half years) but if I am planning to start a family then I can stop the Tamoxifen early in order to try for a baby. Wow, the many difficult questions in life! As Tamoxifen stays in the body for a considerable amount of time and it is hazardous for the foetus, it is important to stay off Tamoxifen for a good six months before actively trying to conceive. Looks like I have to do some serious planning… since I am not even married and now am in the process of “relocation”…

After visiting my oncologist, I had another visit to my Chinese traditional medicine doctor. Again, it’s great news about the period resuming. For one, that means my body is returning to normal and the hormones are balancing themselves. The difficulties of menopause will slowly fade away and I can look forward to getting back to normal! Yippee!! But with traditional medicine, I was told to stay clear of cold drinks and foods that are considered too “cooling”. Also, I was told to have more ginger tea which will be good for my body.

Let’s hope this body recovers and gets back to normal! Go, baby go! 


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