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The Cancer Survivor’s Companion

22 Feb

If you have been diagnosed with cancer in this day and age, chances are you might find yourself doing a whole load of speed reading. Reading about what causes cancer, what the treatment options are, what you are supposed to eat etc. The list goes on.

I read a whole lot, from Lance Armstrong to Susan Love. Just when I thought I am through with reading about cancer, I found a book in the bookshop one day that shouted, “Read me!”

The Cancer Survivor’s Companion – Practical ways to cope with your feelings after cancer, by Dr Frances Goodhart and Lucy Atkins is a brilliant book for survivors like me who have gone through treatment but yet still feel lost or at times sad, contrary to the “Carpe Diem” survivors who are relishing every waking minute.

There are chapters which deal with specific emotions, such as worries, depression and low mood and anger. Within these chapters are explanations or examples of how you are feeling and small exercises for you to get through these difficult emotions.

I have just started on my first chapter and it sure feels great that someone out there knows how I feel!

You can purchase your copy of The Cancer Survivor’s Companion here.


Dine and Wine…?

14 Feb

Do you know drinking red wine moderately helps reduce your risk for Breast Cancer?

Apparently there are signs of reduced estrogen in women who drank red wine for a month.

This article is published in Huffington Post.