Happy Cancerversary!

20 Nov

It’s my cancerversary today!

Itay & I had a conversation before what cancerversary mean. Does it mean the date when I was diagnosed, or the date when I start treatment or the date that I end treatment? At first I was tempted to make the date of diagnosis my cancerversary but my better half decided that it was too sad a memory to be reminded of every year. So now we decided that cancerversary for us = the date when my treatment ended and the healing begins.

It feels very much longer than a year since my last radiation treatment. Since then I have started on my chinese medication, refurbished a friend’s apartment, went to Israel, started on another apartment job, came back to Singapore, attended two weddings and at the same time learning more and adapting to my post-cancer self. Now I look back at pictures of myself in the past with some unfamiliarity. I don’t seem to remember life before cancer… yet my relationships with my friends and family remind me everyday of the love that I have, the support that saw me through the turmulous two years.

So Happy Cancerversary to me, Itay and my friends and family. Because cancer happens not only to you, it happens to everyone you love as well. One year in remission, and I am looking forward to every year that comes after.


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