20 Nov



Do you have chemo-brain? Like forgetting what you were supposed to get in the supermarket, where you left your keys or even losing what you wanted to say in a conversation when it’s your turn?

Apparently it is not a myth that cancer survivors have deficiencies in their brain performances after chemotherapy, mostly termed by survivors as “chemo-brain”. I suffer from chemo-brain right when I had chemo. It was difficult to recall things that happened a few days before, I had also problems recalling what someone has said. The failings of memory continued into my post-treatment days.

Here is a study that scientists have finally caught on about the changes in the brain after chemotherapy for breast cancer. It is an important study, in my opinion, as this means that breast cancer patients will know very well what chemotherapy does to the body before they sign into it. I for one was not aware of this side effect prior to starting chemo. But more importantly, if this is a proven fact, then there is more urgency to find a method of treatment that will prevent the deterioration of brain function and allow breast cancer survivors to lead a (close to) normal life after treatment.

Click here for the link to the study.


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