Talk it out.

14 Nov

There is a wonderful source of help in the form of kind voices whose faces you don’t see… and they belong to the counsellors at the Singapore National Cancer Centre Helpline.

If you feel like speaking to someone but you just feel like your friends or family will not understand what you’re saying, the cancer helpline is a good source of support. Oncology nurse counsellors are on the other end of the phone and they are trained with speaking with cancer patients, whether if you are dealing with the anxieties of your diagnosis or the side effects of cancer treatment. Most of all, it is absolutely anonymous and you will not be pressured to reveal any personal details if you do not feel comfortable. I called to ask about the tightness of my right arm last week and the nurse was kind enough to mail over some illustration of physiotherapy exercises that could help.

To speak with a National Cancer Centre oncology nurse counsellor, you can call them between Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm at (65) 6225 5655. Alternatively you can also reach them at cancerhelpline [at]


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