The Big C

2 Nov

Sometime during my diagnosis, coincidentally there was a drama series called “The Big C” airing on TV. Featuring Laura Linney, one of my favourite actresses, the series is about a 40-something year old woman (Linney) who is diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma and she does not know what to do or how to tell her husband, her son and her bi-polar brother.

For a heavy topic like the big “C”, the writers have done a great job in showing the lighter side of cancer but at the same time digging into the psyches of cancer patients – how sometimes we just want to make fun of our own situation because it just makes dealing with it easier. There is a scene which just cracks me up – someone at a store tried to cut Linney’s line by saying, ” Sorry but I’m really in a big hurry” to which Linney replied, “Excuse me, it’s not ok. I’m in a big hurry too – I have CANCER.” and proceeds to dump her purchases on the cashier.


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