How to cope with depression after Breast Cancer

27 Oct

It is official – I may be slightly depressed now that my cancer treatment is over. “What?” Some of you might say – didn’t you just survive an illness and now you should be living your life to the fullest, i.e. Carpe Diem? It turns out that survivorship is almost as hard as going through the treatment. After the long ordeal of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, I am hit with bouts of feeling empty, sad, confused – and the chemobrain and lack of focus does not help at all. I had thought that after treatment I would bounce back immediately to my old self again. Now, I hardly know if my old self is gone forever, or if this new self is going to stay for good.

One thing’s for sure, my slightly depressed self stems from a lack of estrogen due to an induced menopause from the chemotherapy. Boy, is that estrogen powerful! Besides having really dry skin (on my heels mostly), I am also experiencing hot flashes, moodiness and generally a sense of emptiness.

Here’s a good article which talks about depression after breast cancer, and in the comments section there are lots of women who have came forward and wrote about their experience. Also, here’s a good video which you can learn much about depression after BC.


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